21 days fun transformation challenge

August 21 Days Fun Healthy Transformation Challenge


Registration for August 21 days challenge is now open till 3rd Aug 2020!

For the next 21 days, you will learn and apply how to eat healthier, exercise smarter and get support from Coaches. After which, you will use what you have learnt to maintain or improve your results.

This program entitles you free exercises, 1-on-1 personal coaching, healthy meals and be a part of an exclusive group that motivates and supports each other’s goals for the next 21 days.

Watch our video for a quick preview of what you are going to achieve:

What you will get from this 21 Days Fun, Healthy Transformation Program

A reasonable, realistic and successful fat loss goal can be achieved by eating fewer calories, nutritionally-balanced eating plan, regular physical activity and a behavioral change to help you stay on track.

Our 21 Days Fun, Healthy Transformation Challenge helps you to do just that!

Healthy Meals and Guide

We include daily healthy, nutritious breakfast, together with an easy-to-follow meal and snack guide list.


You’ll have access to a month of unlimited Zoom live group workout sessions (8 sessions a week).

Positive Mindset

Get knowledge on valuable health, fitness and wellness information to set your mindset in the right direction.

1-on-1 Coaching

You will get personal and exclusive communication via Whatsapp and phone call from a live Coach.

Supportive Community

You will get exclusive access to highly positive environment and events with people who will inspire and motivate you to the next level.

Body Analysis

You will get body composition analysis so you can effectively target and work towards your results.

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