Lose weight with Herbalife

How to lose weight with Herbalife in 3 simple steps

Are You Ready To Achieve Healthy Weight Loss With Herbalife?

Hi everyone, I am here to tell you the secrets to lose weight healthily and successfully with Herbalife!

Before I got started with Herbalife, I was feeling and looking much older at my age. I had a 5-month pregnant belly, tremendously low energy and self confidence!

I’ve tried exercising, eating less, applying slimming gels/creams and outfits….etc nothing helped.

But just after a week of Herbalife with coaching and participating the Singapore Weight Loss Contest, I felt the energy coming back and my mood starts to become livelier and happier!

After 1 month, I’ve lost 7KG and 3 inches off my waist! Friends were astonished and I was finally taking control of my life!

For over 11 years, I have maintained a healthy active lifestyle without having to worry about my weight.

Are you ready to learn how to lose weight successfully with Herbalife?

Step 1: Set Goals

Set achievable goals in a reasonable amount of time. Set a goal of let’s say losing 10 KG by 3 months. Now let’s break that down into smaller less scarier goals.

You will need to lose 3 – 4KG per month. So that makes it around 1KG per week. Now doesn’t that sound a lot less frightening?

Set your goals big and then break them up into smaller goals.

Step 2: 80/20 Rule

In Herbalife, we follow the 80/20 rule! What is that? 80% Nutrition and 20% Active Lifestyle.

So this means that your focus needs to be on the nutrition intake and what you are eating. The body you want is created with what you feed inside.

Once you have started on a good nutrition plan you can start introducing a fitness routine. Start small and work your way up towards the active lifestyle you want.

Simple and easy workouts are a great way to get your 20% in.

Step 3: 2 Shakes, Tea, 2 Snacks and a Healthy Meal

The recipe for success when wanting to lose weight is to have a plan of action! Shakes are extremely easy for busy people on the go!

Herbalife had make it so easy, simply follow 2 shakes, tea, 2 healthy snacks, and a healthy colorful meal in order to achieve your goal!

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Typical Herbalife Daily Routine

Losing Weight is a Journey, Not a Quick Fix

It is very important to be consistent with the Herbalife daily meal plan.

The first 3-5 days are most important to adjust your routine.

However, if you failed one day, had a cheat meal, ate fast food, or didn’t workout … do not beat yourself up.

Which Products Do I Recommend?

Herbalife Nutrition Shake (F1) – A delicious and easy way to treat your body to a nutritious and balanced meal in no time!

Available flavors:

** You will need three canisters to have two shakes a day, each canister has 21 servings. Make sure you add three canisters to your cart if you plan to do two shakes a day for slightly more than a month.

Herbal Tea Concentrate  Boosts your metabolism, burns 80 – 100 calories per serving, gives energy.

Available flavors:

  • Original
  • Honey Ginger (Limited edition)

Herbal Aloe Concentrate Daily cleanse for your gut and improves your digestive system.

Available flavors:

Cell-U-Loss®Helps to reduce water retention, reduce unsightly dimpled skin, tone and shape up body.

Here’s a video on how my daughter and I prepare our daily shake:

Those are the tips I have to share with you. I hope it helped.

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