My Weight Loss Contest Singapore is a 30 days challenge that helps anyone that wishes to lose weight, improve health and a chance to reward with up to SGD$3,000 cash!

Fit Club has officially teamed up with My Weight Loss Contest since 2009.

Below are the requirements to get started.

What you'll get from this Weight Loss Contest

Cost Involved

You will need to purchase a 30 day basic fitness and healthy meal bundle worth SGD299 to get started.

Physical Requirement

Male - BMI 27.0 & above.
Female - BMI 25.0 & above.
Under 18 needs parental consent.

Weight and Waist Measurement

Challengers will need to submit their initial, progressive and final weight measurements via videos and photos.

Personal Coaching

Each Challenger will be assigned to a Coach for follow up and advice. Exercise is readily available at Fit Club or at their own time.

Final Results

Contestants will do their final weigh-ins and winning results will be announced on the final day via Zoom Live.

Cash Prizes

Top 10 winners will be rewarded up to SGD$3,000 cash!

Watch Ben's 30 Days Weight Loss Contest Transformation Video

Learn more about Singapore’s longest running weight loss contest! Watch Ben’s amazing transformation during his 1 month journey.

My Weight Loss Contest promotes healthy eating and simple activities to help lose unhealthy weight and gain back one’s health and confidence.

As a motivation, top 10 challengers will be rewarded with up to $1,000 cash.

How our Contestants transformed and enjoyed themselves