8 easy steps to lose weight at home

Did you know that there are easy ways to lose weight? Use these 8 simple steps to lose weight and slim down without the fuss or the expense at the comfort of your home.

STEP 1: Find Your WHY

Before you start on your weight loss journey, you must have clear and strong reason(s) WHY you need to lose weight.

Researchers have found that when you come up with strong motivations to lose weight before embarking on your journey, you lose more weight than those who are less motivated!

It could be for better health reasons, gain more confidence, increase your energy, breathe better, clear up complexion…etc.

Find your strongest WHY you need to lose weight, so you will be able to wake up every morning and be super focus, excited and look forward to your weight loss transformation.

STEP 2: Know Your Body and Habits

Take some time to understand more about your body. Do you have any unhealthy habits that may affect your weight loss journey?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1) Do you smoke?
2) Do you drink alcohol?
3) Are you under huge stress?
4) Do you get enough sleep?
5) Do you drink enough water?
6) Do you drink soda/sugar drinks?
7) Do you snack occasionally?
8) Do you watch what you eat?
10) Do you skip meals?
11) Do you have any medical conditions?
12) Do you exercise?

Once you understand yourself more, you will have a better chance to maintain your weight loss transformation journey.

STEP 3: Take Body Measurements And Selfies

Get as many body measurements as possible before you kick-start your weight loss journey.

If you have a digital weighing scale which measures your body composition, that would be awesome. But if you don’t have, just your weight will do.

Proceed to measure round your waist, hips, belly, arms and thighs.

Take frontal and side selfie photos helps you get mentally prepared for your transformation.

STEP 4: Kick-start A Daily Healthy Meal Plan

Breakfast is the most important meal to kick-start your metabolism.

Make sure your breakfast comes with a wholesome combination of essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein, at the same time keep your calories below 300 kcals.

Snack time is equally important to keep your metabolism going throughout the day. Look out for healthier choice snacks that do not go beyond 200 kcals.

Lunch will be your most satisfying meal of the day. Go for this combination:

  • 2 portions fruits and vegetables
  • 1 portion meat and others
  • 1 portion healthy grains

Dinner will be the same combination as lunch but potion size around 70% – 80%.

Avoid excessive sugar and salt intake.

STEP 5: Get moving! Start A Fun Exercise Routine.

If you are always sitting down, take a break every 30 – 45 mins to stretch and walk around for at least 2 mins.

To have effective fat loss results, include strength and cardio exercises into your exercise routine. Schedule at least 15 – 30 mins of physical activity daily that it’s fun, easy and enjoyable for you to be consistent.

Getting a friend to workout together increases your chances that you will stay consistent.

Check out this free 4 Weeks Abs Exercise Routine Videos below:

If you do not have a workout buddy, come join our daily live Zoom Online exercise community! Each session lasts for around 45 mins and you get to engage in a positive community.

Do take note that fitness accounts 20% of your weight loss journey. Do not stress out by doing more than what your body can handle.

Always consult a professional before you take part in any physical exercises.

STEP 6: Sleep Well

Keep yourself well rested with at least 7-8 hours so your body can repair and recover quickly for you to continue the next day.

Your body and muscles need time to repair while you sleep so you can push yourself the next day.

You produce the most growth hormone while you’re sleeping, which helps burn fat as well as repair and build muscles so you can increase strength and lose weight.

STEP 7: Drink plenty of Water

Drinking water helps boost your metabolism, cleanse your body of waste, and acts as an appetite suppressant.

Also, drinking more water helps your body stop retaining water, leading you to drop those extra pounds of water weight.

Every day you lose water through your breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements, which is why it’s important to continue to take in water throughout the day.

As a guideline for every 20 kilos that you weigh, drink 1 litre of water.

STEP 8: Get Support And Hang Out With The Right Community

A University study shows that people participate regularly, recorded their weigh-ins and engage with other members in online community the most, lost more than 8 percent of body weight in six months.

Engaging a Weight Loss Coach helps to design a personalized eating plan, inspire and hold you accountable. You will most likely be included in a support group as well.

Without someone or a community to keep you accountable, you are more likely to run out of steam before you achieve your desirable results

Understand that fat loss is a journey and not a quick fix. Enjoy your transformation process and celebrate every small achievements you make.

Ready To Get Started?

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