Frequently Asked Questions about Fit Club

Please come 15 mins earlier and bring along your

  • Comfortable sports attire
  • Water bottle with water
  • Sports shoes
  • Yoga/exercise mat (highly recommended)

Please make sure to have something light before you arrive.

Do not come with an empty stomach. Make sure you are well hydrated and have enough rest the night before.

For first timers who just started on exercising, please take care not to over exert yourself.

It’s common that you will be excited to go all out but please listen to your body.

If you need to rest or stop in between, please do so. You are not competing with others.

Our Coaches are on standby to advise how you can safely perform the exercises.

At Fit Club, you will be given an online ParQ form to declare your health status.

The Online ParQ questionnaire can be found here If unsure, you might want to consult with your doctor before starting with us.

Our sessions are ongoing so there is no specific start date to get started.

Please take note of the days on which the sessions are available.

Yes of course! The more the merrier.

Research shows you will be more committed to reach your fitness and health goals with friends.

If you are alone, no worries. Our friendly Fit Club participants and coaches will be there to support and guide you along the way.

No additional hidden charges when you start your sessions with us at Fit Club. 

Select the Warrior or Warrior Plus+ plan and start your fitness and wellness journey with us!

Occasionally, we have free and paid events or programs (eg. weight loss contest, 21 days body transformation challenge), but that is outside of Fit Club activities.

Participants have the option to join.

Our Fit Clubs do not accept ActiveSG credits.

Yes, our Coaches are experienced, trained and certified.

Every 6 sessions are valid within 2 months. Unless there is unforeseen circumstances like illness or class cancellation, there will be an extension.

Children are allowed to join in, provided that other participants are not inconvenienced in any way.

Please note, Fit Club does not hold any responsibility for children during the sessions.

Children under the age of 12 will have free access to our fitness sessions but will need adult supervision.

Yes, the session will continue.

Depending on the Fit Club location, if it’s sheltered, the location will be the same. But if it’s unsheltered, the location will be changed to another location nearby.

Updates will be notified in the group chat.

No, Fit Club will not be open during public holidays. Please check for group chat announcements.